Islamic Cultural Jihad has defeated our culture of equality in Mount Roskill

Islamic Cultural Jihad has defeated our culture of equality in Mount Roskill

by SB on March 20, 2017 at 10:00am

In Mount Roskill, Islamic cultural jihad has been successful. A public swimming pool has been convinced to provide segregated and secure swimming facilities for Muslim women. When you look at this development through politically correct tinted glasses it seems no big deal but when you look into it more closely…

This development is dangerous for the following reasons:

Firstly this is dangerous because it is not a one-off occurrence. This is the first salvo in what will become an ongoing battle against all the classic liberal rights and values that our society hold dear. Long term this will spread to all public pools in New Zealand and then once that is achieved it will spread to public beaches and schools.

Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand spokesperson Anjum Rahman said… there was a nation-wide demand for these classes from the Muslim community…

Secondly, it is dangerous because by allowing sexual segregation in a public space the Islamic narrative that men are primitive lustful animals with no impulse control if a woman is not covered up is being reinforced.

Thirdly, it is dangerous because it is a bare faced lie that it benefits non-Muslim women and that there is a demand for it from women who are ashamed of their bodies and lack self-confidence.

Rahman said there was a nation-wide demand for these classes from the Muslim community as well as other women.

“It is not just Muslim women that these classes are important for. There are quite a few women interested from other communities.

“For us [the classes are important] for religious reasons but for other women it may be about their body or confidence.”

-NZ Herald

Fourthly, it is dangerous because the lie that it is for ALL women not specifically Muslim women would not stand up to scrutiny.

How welcome do you think the following women would be at the Muslim Women’s swimming classes?

Finally, this development is dangerous because it has crossed a line. If the issue was about protecting their modesty then sexual segregation has zero justification. Our tolerant society already allows Muslim women to wear clothing at odds with our values. We already turn a blind eye to Muslim women forced to wear the Burka and the Niqab. We call it feminism when they wear ridiculous garments like the Burkini.

Since they can wear a Burkini inside a public pool the reasoning behind the sexual segregation for swimming classes cannot be modesty. If it is not modesty then the motivation can only be cultural Jihad.

It is the frog in the pot having the temperature slowly turned up. If the stupid infidels will accept segregated swimming classes for Muslim women in a public pool then it will be easy to demand segregation and special privileges for Muslims in other public facilities. Once that is achieved it will be hard for them to say no when it is demanded inside public schools. If it is okay to ” protect” Muslim women from the lustful animal instincts of males at a public swimming pool then they must allow them to “protect” their Muslim daughters from the lustful animal instincts of male students during sports, school assembly and in class.

You can see where this is going and we don’t have to speculate because we are ten years or so behind what is already happening in other Western countries. It isn’t a matter of if it will happen, it is a matter of when?