Cadbury has taken the Easter out of Easter eggs

From Whaleoil:

First, they made the chocolate conform to Islamic religious requirements (everyone said Halal certification is no big deal don’t be Islamophobic.) Now, they have removed the Christian holiday name from the packaging. Give it a few years and the eggs and bunnies will disappear altogether to be replaced with a chocolate goat to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Is this Cadbury’s future? The halal Ramadan chocolate goat?

If you didn’t hate Cadbury already for ruining the taste of their products with palm oil, then reducing the size of the bar and making their chocolate Halal then perhaps them taking the Christian celebration of Easter off the packaging of their Easter eggs will be the final straw. We are not an Islamic country yet. I am sure the lucrative market of Indonesia is much more important to them than New Zealand hence the change. It is the same with Halal meat. We are all are forced to eat it now in New Zealand because the lucrative Islamic export market is more important than local wishes and it is easier to slaughter all our animals the Islamic way than to cater to the kiwi culture.

Isn’t it amazing how much our food has been affected already by the religious laws of Muslims? They aren’t even a significant percentage of our population but the overseas Islamic dollar is effectively changing our food and culture from afar.

Cadbury has taken the Easter out of Easter eggs