Tourism New Zealand promoting NZ as a sharia / halal friendly Islamic State.

FIANZ are making $15-20M a decade from Halal certification fees to promote Islam in NZ, yet still seek as much government assistance as they can get to turn New Zealand into an Islamic State.


New Zealand food goes way beyond fish and chips and barbeques– our chefs have developed a distinct Pacific Rim cuisine. Expect to indulge in plenty of seafood, award-winning cheeses and of course,our famous lamb. You should also expect a laid-back, friendly atmosphere wherever you eat; we Kiwis love to keep things casual. Tourism New Zealand worked closely with the Kiwi Muslim Directory to provide this guide, which gives an overview of the many Halal food options available.

You will find three categories within the listings:

  • Halal outlets certified by FIANZ: The outlet is Halal-certified by the authority: Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand.
  • Halal outlets owned by Muslims: The outlet is owned and managed by a Muslim person,and he/she is assuring the food is Halal.
  • Vegetarian eateries: The outlets are neither certified nor Muslim-owned,but claim to be pure vegetarian. Please check before consuming.


Tourism New Zealand is thankful for the continued support and guidance received from Federation of the Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ) and the Kiwi Muslim Directory. They have provided us with support and a detailed overview of both FIANZ and NZIDT certified establishments.Through this collaboration we hope to offer our Muslim visitor s a memorable visit to beautiful New Zealand. For more information on services for Muslim visitor s, please visit and


Since its launch in 2009, the Kiwi Muslim Directory’s vision has been to utilise web and print media to bridge the gap between the various Muslim organisations, centres, mosques, leaders, volunteers and the community. As a continued vision to support the Muslim community, the Kiwi Muslim Directory worked closely with Tourism New Zealand to create a Halal restaurant guide that provides Muslim-friendly meal recommendations in the hopes of establishing New Zealand as a Muslim-friendly holiday destination.

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2017-8 halal food guide.