ISIS terror links in New Zealand

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EXCLUSIVE: ISIS terror links in New Zealand

Considerable research from many people has gone into this story. The evidence of Kiwis involved with ISIS in New Zealand is alarming.

Given that worldwide the Islamic State is attracting widespread media attention, I write to bring your attention to a possible story on the rise and potential threat of Islamic extremism in New Zealand. John Key has been talking of sending SAS troops to fight ISIS and we have had what could be described as and Key has mentioned there are some . John Hudson did a good job on a Sunday programme in shining a light on part of this story with the investigation into now called Haroon but there is much more to tell and to investigate.

The Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand has associated with ISIS but their statement fell short of condemning the ideology of ISIS or their enforced “infidel tax” (Jizya). The statement also seemed to suggest that allied forces fighting terrorism were just as abhorrent as the terrorists. Perhaps it is a stretch but it seems that the Muslim Community in NZ does not totally unreservedly reject the Islamic State and would embrace their goals of worldwide Shari’a law (though perhaps not through violence). What is more concerning is that there seem to be a group within NZ who would advocate for violence and would be willing to support IS.

The global increase in Islamic extremism in the last 12 months

The world is at war for the 3rd time, whether we want to admit it or not, and NZ is not immune. Australia has just confirmed it will send military equipment to help Kurdish forces against the Islamic State. The group anyone who stands in their way or “makes problem”.

While it may seem that the Islamic State is fighting in Syria and Iraq, far away, they . Governments around the world are looking to keep their local citizens safe from the same fate as those killed overseas. New anti-terrorism laws are being considered in , the Netherlands, , and France. These laws look to confiscate passports, increase surveillance, and arrest those suspected of bringing the jihad back from overseas.

Such measures may seem an affront to basic rights of privacy and freedoms but the consequences of waiting for something to happen before acting are dire. The murder of people in the Twin Towers (2001), at a Bali nightclub (2002), in Spanish trains (2004), on London public transport (2005), in coordinated attacks across Mumbai (2008), while finishing a marathon in Boston (2013), and many more are all linked to Islamic terrorism. Last month, chemical weapons were found in a house in Brisbane where the plan was to . Two French teenagers were arrested last week after security forces uncovered their plot to bomb a synagogue in a suicide attack. Also last week, USA Federal agents issued a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack at the Mexican border.

The groups claiming responsibility for the attacks above share a common ideology and methodology; to institute Sharia law across the world through violence. Of particular interest, local citizens, not foreigners, carried out many of the attacks, particularly those more recent. Currently, according to one intelligence organisation. The problem with this is that such people will return to their home countries more radicalised, better trained, and more likely to carry out an attack on home soil.   

Islamic extremism in New Zealand and the threat to New Zealanders

New Zealand has been largely free from terrorist attacks. However, we shouldn’t think we are immune from radical Islam and the potential for attack. This year we saw  and the same person was seen proudly wearing it on a TVNZ Sunday program where it was reported the SIS had confiscated his passport and passports of other New Zealanders.

In that same TVNZ report, John Hudson showed footage of the Islamic State supporter, Haroon, praying in a garage in Blockhouse Bay. This is the same garage-based mosque that has been implicated in attacks where weapons were drawn and one man was hospitalised. The leader of the youths praying with Haroon is Sheikh Abu Abdulla Hamam who has of preaching extreme Islam. Despite these events, Haroon and his friends were wearing “Ask me; I’m a Muslim” shirts at an Islam Open Day in Auckland, endorsed by The Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ (FIANZ). It should also be noted that Haroon is a common Arabic name, meaning “warrior lion”. Furthermore, Haroon goes by “Sayfullah Al Muhajahreen”, meaning “sword of god of the emigrants” and associated with ISIS, on Facebook and “Likes” Shaykh Ahmad Musa Jibril who has been linked to many jihadist militants. Why would FIANZ endorse such people to act as ambassadors to the public?

People from NZ, some of whom have been seen with Haroon, have Facebook profiles that seem to also endorse Islamic State ideology (see attached screenshots from some of the profiles below):,,,,,,,

Such Facebook profiles of Australians . However, the NZ mainstream media seem to ignore similar people in NZ.

On 23 Aug, 2014 a group of Kiwis marched up Queen St in protest against the Islamic State slaughter of innocents in Iraq and Syria. It is disturbingly ironic that this march ended on the steps of Aotea Square in Auckland at the same time that the Islamic Open Day was being held there. A group of people holding “Stop the ISIS Genocide” signs were no more than 50m from a group of people who support ISIS (and endorsed by the FIANZ – see above). I believe the NZ public should be made aware of the range of Islamic groups that clearly exist in our society and particularly the extreme Muslims who openly support ISIS.

John Hudson has done a good job in shining a light on part of this story but there is much more to tell and to investigate. Similarly, we need our security agencies and our politicians to be strong in this war because it has reached us. The media need to play its part by reporting the facts. Sadly, NZ is not immune from this new world war and we should acknowledge that before it’s too late.

FIANZ is likely aware of these individuals and their views, given the friction between mosques (reported above). It may be that our politicians are naïve. John Minto, for example can be seen in the photo below shoulder to shoulder with Abdulla Hamam, the son of Sheikh Abdu Abdullah (preacher at the Blockhouse Bay mosque), and Brucey Downs, a Maori convert. Both of these gentlemen are known associates of Haroon and were endorsed by FIANZ as representatives. Brucey has been seen waving a Hamas flag in the streets of Auckland (Hamas has a similar ideology and methodology to ISIS – .

Germany has banned support for ISIL, including displaying their logo which would have meant arrest for Haroon at the protest and possible arrest for many of the people with FaceBook accounts as above. ISIS is designated as a terrorist organisation in NZ so support for the group is illegal.

We await developments and what it is that John Key will reveal about Kiwi involvement supporting ISIS. As you can see from our own investigation there is a substantial body of evidence that we do indeed have a fomenting terror issue in New Zealand.

Research by WOBH staff and Ground Crew.