NZ has ‘nothing to fear’ over Maori Muslim’s ISIS support

NZ has ‘nothing to fear’ over Maori Muslim’s ISIS support
(only the dozen or so NZ financed Jihadi returning to destroy NZ culture from within! And FIANZ want to work with the gov’t to stop NZ from interfering with the creation of a global caliphate, knowing that would set NZ up as a legitimate target from local supporters.)

A leading member of New Zealand’s Muslim community is adamant that a suggestion Kiwi fighters shouldn’t be stopped from joining the Islamic State is a personal belief that is in no way shared by the vast majority of Muslims.

The head of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga, is urging all Muslims to aspire to what the jihadist group is doing in the Middle East.

Hundreds of people have been killed by ISIS as they try to implement their version of radical Islam. Terror attempts linked to the group have been made in several countries, including Australia and Canada.

However, the Vice-President of New Zealand’s Federation of Islamic Associations (FIANZ), Jahved Khan, says that Mr Kireka-Whaanga is well known to them and doesn’t believe the country has anything to fear from him.

“We are concerned about the statements he has made but we’re not really concerned that he will do something vicious,” Mr Khan told TV ONE’s Breakfast programme.

He says that the Muslim community has lived in peace in New Zealand for 150 years without incident and that 99.9% of members are law-abiding citizens.

Mr Khan believes the Government has enough power to take action over the issue but has no concern with how they’re handling things.

However, FIANZ is calling for a meeting with the Prime Minister to raise concerns they have about New Zealand getting actively involved in the fight against ISIS.

Cabinet is expected to discuss the issue today.