Muslims told to boycott Non-Halal food.

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Countries that do not comply with Halal standards and Halal Certification process may face a ban on their meat exports as large trading partners tighten their laws.

An indication to this effect was given at a symposium on Halal held in Sydney and Auckland over the past two weeks.

Organised respectively by the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ), the event in both cities was attended by Muslim World League Secretary General Dr Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsin Al Turki of Saudi Arabia.

Strict compliance

The symposia came in the wake of accusation of fraudulent certificates issued across the Tasman and non-compliance by some food outlets and the tough approach taken by Islamic countries on import of meat and meat products from non-Islamic countries. New Zealand has been obliged to follow strict codes in its meat processing and FIANZ has been working to ensure compliance.

Mr Al Turki called on all Muslims to boycott restaurants and retail outlets that do not provide Halal certified products.

“The Holy Quran and the Sharia Law prohibits Muslims from consuming non-Halal food. It is the supreme duty of everyone in Islam to follow the orders of Allah and teachings of the Holy Prophet (Mohammed). Those in doubt should seek appropriate advice,” he said.

The Symposium held at Langham Hotel on November 28, was attended by Mr Al Turki, Saudi Consul General Ahmed Al Johani, Primary Industries Chief Market Access Officer Tony Zohrab and Meat Industry Association Chief Executive Tim Ritchie.

Dr Ghani said that the value of New Zealand’s Halal exports to Muslim countries is about $2.5 billion.

“There is immense potential for growth,” he said.

Muslims told to boycott Non-Halal food