Clark seeks end of Terrorism Suppression Act

That Byron Clark seeks end of Terrorism Suppression Act, the Act which tries to keep jihadi out of NZ, is in complete alignment with the global agenda of New Zealand’s political left. Byron Clark is continuing the long history of Socialist support of terrorism in New Zealand that first came to light when the unions organised the replacement of the mainly rural Christian Maori workforce with foreign Islamics. The tactics used by the local socialist workers parties (trade unions) mimic those used by Hitlers Socialist Workers Party.

This was in the decade where the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association was in full swing with the support of FIANZ and NZ politicians, sending young men overseas to study, find wives and serve, before returning as sheik’s with honour from within the Islamic community of NZ.


Byron Clark’s speech at St Albans Baptist Church

Speech by Christchurch Central candidate Byron Clark

Good evening everyone and thank you for the opportunity to speak to you all tonight.

I am here to encourage you to elect me as your member of parliament for Christchurch Central, and to give your party vote to the Workers Party. I want to make the point however that although you will be casting a vote, we do not live in a democratic society. I’m not talking about the 5% threshold that keeps minority views out of parliament, of the electoral funding model the reinforces the status quo, though of course these things are a concern.

I am talking about the existence in our society of one of the most totalitarian institutions humanity has devised- the capitalist workplace. While we may get a vote for a party and member of parliament once every three years, there is practically no democracy in the workplace. With no other way to make a living for the majority of the population, we are forced to sell our ability to work, with minimal control over where we will work, what hours, and what work we will do.

We may pride ourselves on a society that allows free speech, but I could draw your attention to the recent case where a Warehouse employee was fired for a critical comment about her employer made on the Internet, or I could bring up the -perfectly legal- contract McDonalds employees sign saying they won’t talk about their working conditions to the media, without risking dismissal. When you can take someones income away from them for speaking out, you are taking away their right to free speech.

The Workers Party is campaigning for real freedom and democracy. The unrestricted right of workers to speak and publish freely, even when what they say is critical of their employer. And the repeal of the anti-strike provisions of the Employment Relations Act, giving workers freedom to organise and struggle collectivly for more rights at work. We support the right of New Zealand workers to travel to and work in any country on this planet, and we support that same right for all migrant workers coming here.

We would repeal the Terrorism Suppression Act, which has been used against political activists but caught no terrorists, and the Electoral Finance Act, which puts draconian restrictions on political activity. We would also repeal Labours State Owned Enterprises and Local Government Acts which require public services to be run as if they were commercial enterprises, and we would scrap GST, a regressive tax that disproportionately affects those on low incomes.

We aim to build a movement for a better society, one based on human need not private profit. Give us your party vote, and give me your candidate vote- I am pledging to only take the average workers wage from my MP salary and donate to rest to groups advancing the interests of working people. But more important than voting is the movement; get involved, and help us make a difference.

Thank you.


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