Clark defends terror fundraising

In FEAR, his newly released book, Byron Clark defends terror fundraising efforts while claiming The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was peaceful.

Byron Clark writes: “As I young man I believed, incorrectly, that the group had put down their weapons and joined the peaceful political process, like the ANC in South Africa or Sinn Fein in Ireland. As far as I’m aware, not only did the Palestinian group never actually receive any money but also the New Zealand state never attempted to challenge the fundraiser, making the whole exercise futile. This hasn’t stopped members of New Zealand’s far-Right, who found an advertisement for the fundraiser in the group’s magazine The Spark (specifically, in the first episode that I edited), claiming I give money to terrorists.“

Yet, according to a recent piece on Plain Sight – Where politics, art, culture & sport come clean, in a 48 page booklet published by the Workers Party listing him as a contact, the following is said of Clark’s supported organisation:

It is not simply the use of violence that determines whether any given act is terrorism, it is also the context within which the act is carried out – resistance is not terrorism. The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is currently listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organisation (FTO) in North America and the European Free Palestine! 39 Union and is considered an illegal terrorist group in Israel. The current General Secretary of the PFLP, Ahmad Sa’adat, is serving a 30-year prison sentence in Israel for heading an “illegal terrorist organisation”. The Palestinians have the inalienable right to fight for their freedom and it is the duty of socialists around the world to support that struggle.

Free-Palestine-Workers-Party-NZ-Pamphlet page 36.

He’s even listed his contact details including email and phone on page 47.

A quick read of this pamphlet reveals there is no discernible different between the PFTP and Hitlers NAZI party (German Socialist Workers Party) that Byron accuses us of belonging to.

Clark defends terror fundraising and lies through his teeth about it. In his book Byron claims that they never sent any money overseas, so Plain Sight asks “Was the [Workers] Party lying when they announced, in 2010, that it was donating $1,000 to the PFLP, raised mostly through the sale of PFLP t-shirts? According to a former comrade (who wished to remain anonymous) a payment was sent to the group and a second one was forthcoming until the Christchurch Earthquake struck, and the individual in charge of the money disappeared with it.

The New Zealand government has spent considerable sums investigating this website, over $100k at least now, for instigating terrorism after the ‘investigation’ and complaints of Byron Clark, yet it should be investigating the Socialist Workers Party!

And let’s not mention, the occasion of the publication of this book, the anniversary of the Freedom Village protest, mimics what Clark claims to have been standing for in his Occupy Christchurch protest a decade ago. The only difference, this occupation the global Socialists were backed by the global corporates that Clark has defended these last three years, so of course Clark backs the corporates! The speaker below also lies, there are many Labour Party trade union flags visable!

The Occupy Christchurch – Clark, Byron, booklet shows he used to be against the global corporations he now defends.