Muhammad attacks Queens casket (video)

Why Muhammad attacks Queens casket we will never find out, and this will certainly not be reported in the NZ sharia state funded media! Perhaps he was desperate to stop her entering the afterlife? One thing is for certain, Islam is the same all over the world. The problem in Britain is only getting worse.

Metropolitan Police have charged a man after he moved out of the queue of mourners and approached the Queen’s coffin in Westminster Hall on Friday night.

A statement from Scotland Yard said: “Muhammad Khan, 28, of Barleycorn Way, Tower Hamlets, was charged on Saturday, September 17, with an offence under Section 4A of the Public Order Act; behaviour intending to cause alarm, harassment or distress. He will appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday, September 19.”

The incident occurred around 10pm on Friday, as the live feed from inside the hall cut away for a brief period. He is the second person to be charged with committing an offence while in the queue to see the Queen’s coffin lying in state.

A 19-year-old man allegedly exposed himself and pushed into mourners from behind as they waited in the line at Victoria Tower Gardens on Wednesday. Adio Adeshine is said to have gone into the River Thames in an attempt to evade police before coming out and being arrested.

He was remanded in custody on Friday after appearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court charged with two counts of sexual assault and two counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order.