Mansoura University student killed

Here is yet another case of a Muslim killing male a non-Muslim woman who refused his advances. The sad news of this Mansoura University student killed comes just weeks after Deborah Yakuba’s brutal death made headlines. Islam is the same all over the world, as we saw when they came together after the Christchurch shooting in 2019. Although thousands of Christian women are killed every year for refusing sexual advances from Muslims they barely make the news.

Although this Mansoura University student killed by a jilted jihadi has made headlines in some Western countries around the world, NZ media has been silent. NZ media only reports unusual events, like Muslims visiting sick children in hospitals, not ordinary everyday Sharia law style events.

This poorly Google translated report comes from an Egyptian newspaper, linked below the article.

“If you can’t let me, you will die”… Full details of the killing of a Mansoura University student at the hands of her colleague:

Today, Monday, the city of Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate, in Egypt witnessed a gruesome murder, represented by the killing of a Mansoura University student named Naira Ashraf, at the hands of her colleague who killed her in the street, in front of one of the gates of Mansoura University, amid the astonishment of passersby, who were able to arrest the accused and hand him over. To the police, after he tried to get rid of his life, because of her refusal to associate with him, following a dispute between them, so he decided to take revenge on her in this way.

The incident of the killing of a Mansoura student, Naira Ashraf, at the hands of her colleague, began with a student fatally stabbing his female colleague, in front of the “Toshka” gate at Mansoura University, to be transferred to Mansoura International Hospital, where she breathed her last, while the accused tried to get rid of his life, but the people on the street were able to He was arrested, and some university students beat him, to be taken to the hospital, under heavy security, to complete the investigations.

By informing the police, who moved to the scene of the accident, it was found that the victim was called “Nayra”, a student at the Sociology Department at the Faculty of Arts at Mansoura University, from the city of Mahalla in the Gharbia Governorate. A student in the fourth year of the same college.

Investigations by the criminal investigation services revealed that the cause of the killing of the Mansoura student, Naira Ashraf, at the hands of her colleague, as a result of an argument that broke out between the accused and the victim, because of her refusal to him, after he tried to enter into an emotional relationship with her, which the victim refused, and quarreled with him, which prompted him to infringe. He stabbed her, and he stabbed her 3 times that killed her, and he tried to get rid of his life, but the parents and students managed to catch him, and he was taken to the hospital to complete the investigations.

Investigations by the security services also indicated that the accused was addicted to the drug “astrox”, and had previously caused problems with the victim more than once. After committing his crime of killing a Mansoura student, he sustained bruises, cuts and a broken rib in his chest.

It turned out that the accused had created a problem with the victim, while she was on her way to the university for the exam, but she insulted him and refused to sit next to her in the microbus or pay her the fare, which prompted him to commit the crime as soon as they landed in the “Toshka” gate area, in front of Mansoura University.

A number of friends of Naira Ashraf, the murdered student of Mansoura, said that the accused student tried to talk to her about marrying her a few days before the accident, but she refused him categorically, and when he tried to repeat the request, she scolded him and a verbal altercation occurred between them, so he promised her, saying: If you can’t, you will die.

They added that they were surprised today by his killing her, to fulfill his promise to get rid of her, which shocked everyone, as they considered his words merely a threat.

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