If it’s unattended, steal it!

If it’s unattended, steal it! The Quran gives these words from the perfect example for mankind to follow in Quran 24.29 There is no blame upon you for entering houses not inhabited in which there is convenience* for you. *Some benefit such as rest, shelter, commodities, one’s personal belongings, etc.

2.225 Allah does not impose blame on you for what is unintentional in your oaths, 66.2 Allah has already ordained for you the dissolution of your oaths,

Those of you who have followed this site closely will know that it was started after NZ Muslims attempted to recruit us with the same offer of a study/serve (aka jihad)/marry overseas travel package that so many younger NZ men accepted (such as Mark John Taylor). It was after refusing to purchase stolen electronics to help fund jihad that ours too were stolen over a decade ago. NZ Police didn’t think it was an issue at the time. This site was started in 2015 after further investigation. Ironically, it was the Avondale mosque crew who’d told us a few years earlier to check out Islam, and we’d see the Quran was true. After the theft the whanau were very empathetic. They told us that allah didn’t want people to have nice things because they were wasteful and that it was jihad was all that mattered for eternity anyway.

Yes, not all Muslims follow the Quran so closely. But all NZ Muslims proclaim Muhammad is the example to follow, and ALL proclaim the Quran is their eternal words from their deity they are to follow.

This from Auckland facebook users this week:

Well i have to say I am MAD!!
Not only did these three shit bags steal two large rolls of upholstery today from our New Lynn Store in Auckland. But they used kids to distract our staff member – Low !! Who uses kids to steal!! And not only that, they tried to run over our staff member with there car when she tried to stop them. So to those people. We know ur car plate number and we will find you !
Either bring back the product or pay for it as you will be caught and prosecuted!!
Business is hard enough without scum like this stealing from us, and the families that we employ. If you know who these people are, please call the store. All will be kept anonymous.
And from the comments: These people look like the exact same thieves who stole from […] Cafe in Avondale too.
Here is their security camera video published on Jan 14th 2022:
You can join us in 2024 as we celebrate the 100th anniversary* of the creation of the eternal Arabic text by Egyptian scholars for the eternal Quran that was given line by line and dot by dot to their prophet as their imam proclaims.**
*The “official” Arabic text has been changed several times since, even recently again by the Saudi’s, but we can’t wait forever to celebrate the creation of the eternal Arabic text that was with their deity in paradise since before time began.
** The Arabic language didn’t get it’s dot’s sorted out until centuries after the proposed death of their prophet, but this religion has never been about historical accuracy.