Pray for Muhammad’s recovery!

Pray for Muhammad’s recovery! Everyone’s favourite dawah dude often appearing at Speaker’s Corner in London, Muhammad Hijab, has appeared in a bitchute video detailing his recent near death experience. Please pray for Muhammad Hijab’s recovery. Please pray he meets Jesus in dream like so many other devout former Muslims have.

Muhammad was diagnosed with blood clots in the lungs 10 days after taking the Pfizer vaccine and going to hospital coughing up blood. He was diagnosed after a D-dimer blood test. His left lung is permanently damaged. He was told that people his age die from this. He’s only 29. He regretted taking the vaccine. Now he’s getting messages on his phone telling him to take the second dose. He laughs!

Hijab rose to international superstardom when he provoked Yasir Qadhi to reveal that there were holes in the standard narrative of how the Quran was created.

Join us at as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the creation of the eternal Quran in 2024.

And don’t forget to Pray for Muhammad’s recovery!


  1. Looks like M Hijab had a COVID vaccine side-effect, which is normally suppressed by the Leftist media. This effect can cause death in those susceptible. M Hijab has a lucky escape. Perhaps he’ll leave Islam and join Christians in promoting the best of the West, instead of the worst of Islam. I wish him the best.

    1. Just about to pick up someone from the hospital and return them home this afternoon. They had kidney failure after they got the jab. Coincidence the hospital say. Hospital can’t find anything wrong with him.

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