Petition to free Muhammad Kace gains global attention

New Zealand’s largest trading partner, Indonesia, has imprisoned a youtuber for discussing Quran 79:12 which talks of the prophet being surrounded by demons while he prays. Islamic hadiths, including the saying of the prophet that were handed down by his child bride, are also full of such material. Muhammad Kace is accused of blasphemy. A petition to free Muhammad Kace gained global attention. The petition can be signed here: Bebaskan MKC, Tuntaskan Dulu Yahya Waloni dan Oknum Muslim Penebar Hate Speech. Currently the Petition to free Muhammad Kace has 9580 signatures from around the world.

Jakarta –

The name Muhammad Kece is becoming a byword. Uploaded videos on his YouTube channel are considered as blasphemy Islam, Mother.

He received criticism from the board of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), namely the Deputy Secretary of the MUI Fatwa Commission Abdul Muiz.

“The circulation of M. Kece’s video through the YouTube channel has clearly insulted the religion of Islam. Besides M. Kece, some of his chat friends also insulted Islam,” said Abdul Muiz Ali in his statement, Saturday (21/8/2021).

Muhammad Kece’s video is considered to have insulted Islam because he said the books taught in Islamic boarding schools gave rise to radical ideas. The video, entitled ‘The Confusing Yellow Book’, immediately attracted controversy.

In another video titled ‘The Source of All Lies’, YouTuber it also called the teachings of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad SAW is not true so it must be abandoned, Mother.

“Muhammad is close to jinn, Muhammad is surrounded by jinn, this Muhammad has no verse close to Allah,” said Muhammad Kece in his video.

In response to this, Muhammad Kece immediately opened his voice via a live broadcast on his YouTube channel. The live broadcast was held openly. He was seen having discussions with several other people.

“Because this letter 72 verse 19 was conveyed to my world so it was criticized by MUI, alas …,” said Muhammad Kace in his live broadcast.

Surah 72 referred to by Muhammad Kece is the letter of Al-Jinn. Verse 19 of the letter reads:

“And indeed, when the servant of Allah (Muhammad) stood up to worship Him (performing prayer), they (the jinn) crowded around him”.

Muhammad Kece is known to have created a YouTube channel in July 2020. He has uploaded hundreds since last year.

Not only uploading content that is considered to have insulted Islam, Muhammad Kece also always includes an account number in the video description column.

“The spread of love helps Muhammad’s service is good through BCA Account No. 5221499621 and 2030304244 H MUHAMAD KOSMAN,” that’s what it says in the description of the video upload.


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