Quran 100 year anniversary celebrations launched

Share the kindness! Join us for the Quran 100 year anniversary celebrations launched this week as we celebrate the 100th birthday of the eternal Quran throughout the year of 2024. You can register now at www.quran100.com!

Join us throughout 2024 celebrating the Eternal Quran 100 year anniversary of the moment scholars finished completing the current* Arabic manuscript!

Little did that group of scholars realise in 1924 how great their humble new Arabic language text would impact the globe once the Saudi’s authorised it as the eternal unchanged Arabic words of Allah written on the tablets in paradise. Muslims around the globe would once again be rightly guided to conquer the infidel, the kaffir, and even all the entire unsuspecting western world!

So we’re planning a year of global (thanks to modern technology) celebrations!

We won’t have the wine or the virgins from paradise, but it’ll certainly be a year of fun celebrations that will be remembered for a lifetime!! There will be a bonfire or two throughout the year where we’ll even roast the descendants of Aisha’s tame sheep!

We’ll travel back in history to the creation of Quran, and even the Arabic language itself!

The current Saudi certified official unchanged eternal Quran has resisted 100 years of scholarly calls for correcting its errors, this is no mean feat of resistance! In celebration of those brave academics 100 years ago we’ll have lots of academic downloads so you can learn what the academics keep hidden about the magic of the glorious eternal Quran!!

You’ll learn about the Eternal Word of God from Quran who the Hadiths claim is in heaven now with God!

There won’t be any holes in this narrative!

You too can be a part of these Quran 100 celebrations, and be first to be notified of the free downloads and events available! You can download and read the Quran – Pickthall here. It’s in English though, so not the real Quran in heaven, but you’ll get an idea of what’s to come.

So invite your friends, it’ll be a blast!

Sign up now on Quran100.com !

*It was current in 1924, and there have been changes to the Arabic script over the last century, but today’s Muslims can still insist it’s the eternal unchanged words of Allah because their imams tell them it’s true.