Newsroom: a case against teaching Islam in schools.

Quite simply: the truth about Islam can never be taught.

On a superficial level, Kiwi Muslims proclaim Islam is the only true religion, a religion of peace, Mohammed is the perfect man, the model for mankind. Kiwi Muslims claim the wars that Mohammed fought were always and only defensive, and that Mohammed abolished slavery, and elevated women in society.

On this superficial level, Kiwi Muslims claim the Bible as we have it today is corrupted, the Koran is the inspired eternal word of Allah, with not a thing changed from the beginning of time, the Arabic text existed in heaven when Allah made the universe. Kiwi Muslims claim that there is only one Arabic text of the Koran which is clear and easy to understand and is the ultimate authority, full of scientific miracles.

On this superficial level, Kiwi Muslims proclaim that all one needs to do to become a Muslim is say a simple profession of faith, and then say daily prayers, give alms, fast and visit Mecca (if possible).

On this superficial level, the 1400 years of violent subjugation of surrounding nations are from people who are not real Muslims, or real Muslims fighting defensively when the message of Koran is resisted.

It is with this superficial knowledge that Kiwis are encouraged to become Muslims by other Kiwi Muslims, simply by saying the simple prayer.

Going on a bit further, you are now part of the global Islamic community and must participate in their lifestyle, imitating the behaviour of the prophet of Islam, submitting to Allah by submitting to the instructions of your leader.

Going a bit deeper, Islam divides the world into two houses, the house of Islam, and the house of war. Which are you in? The submitters, or the kaffir? Remember now that this prophet also said “War is deceit!” And Allah is the best of deceivers!

To be fair, many Muslims brought up in the West have never read the Koran, or the Gospels which the Koran keeps referring to. They rely only on the verbal teachings of their leaders. If they had read the Koran, they would have seen that it portrays their prophet in a totally different light than what is proclaimed in the Western countries.

Most Muslims are unaware that every single superficial claim about Mohammed and the Koran is easily provable as false. There are no new good or nice revelations in the Koran, only violent ones.

Most Kiwi Muslims are unaware that the Koran upholds the divine inspiration, preservation, and authority of the Gospels that Mohammed was holding in his hands back then. It’s ironic that their leaders use the same Gospels they claim are corrupt, to also claim these very same corrupt Gospels foretold the coming of their prophet in the Gospel of John! Their leaders cannot tell the truth about the Koran, because the Gospels that Mohammed had in his day could clearly prove Koranic statements false, which is why the only converts in his day were the losers of wars!

But some Kiwi Muslims have read the Koran. If you go a bit deeper, you’ll remember the national halal authority sponsored the beginnings of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association (wannabe al-qaeda/ wannabe ISIS), and you may laugh, until you remember the two Christchurch kids killed in the Yemen drone strikes. On a superficial level, NZ media portray Mark John Taylor as a fool, but practically he gets back into the country without consequence after fighting for Islamic State, to a heros’ welcome from the umma here.

If you’re wondering why Islam is so violent overseas, most Kiwi Muslim converts are unaware that their prophet married a 6 year old, had 11 wives, abolished adoption so he could marry his adopted sons wife, encouraged sex slavery, encouraged deception, and warred unceasingly. Kiwi Muslims are only following as much of the story as their leaders will tell them.

If you want to know why there are so many Kiwi women in our mental health system after relationships with Islamic men, (or why there are so many Islamic men in our mental health system!) just look at the Islamic sources, Koran, Sira and Hadiths, to see how Mohammed and his followers treated women!

Why is Islam the same in NZ as it is overseas? Just as Islam is an imported ideology, so also is all of the promotional material imported from overseas, including teachings and even the teachers and evangelists themselves. These resources and people are imported from Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and anywhere where Islam has money to send to evangelists. If you want to know what Islam will be like in New Zealand, look overseas.

But to question the teachings of the imams, results in, well, just look at the comment section of anyone who does! Punishments for leaving Islam range from shunning, shame, to torture or just death. If Islam is different in NZ than it is overseas, it would be easy for FIANZ (who claim to represent Muslims in NZ) to place a notice on its website, and circulated around the mosques, stating that here in New Zealand Muslims are free to leave or change their religion without any fear of retribution or any action taken by other Muslims, either here or overseas.

Remember, there’s only two options for Muslims, the house of Islam, or the house of War. Mohammed says “War is deceit.”

The only way western Muslims can stop people critiquing their religion by calling out their deceit, is to call any such critique ‘hate speech’ and convince western governments to outlaw ‘hate speech’.

This is why we cannot let Muslims teach their superficial taqiyya in our schools.

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