10yo raped until eyes bled.

There is currently no laws saying immigrants must give up their culture when they come to NZ.

The leading offender – taken from a private website

A minor-boy being raped and brutally sexually abused by his madrassah’s teacher constantly that his eyes got affected, the news appeared from Mansehra.

The 10-years old boy who was a student in the madrassah shifted to a nearby hospital on Friday when blood sparked from his eyes, after medical checkup, it is identified that the innocent has been raped repeatedly for least 100 times — which later identified the suspected creatures are the leading participant of the madrassah named as Shamsuddin who teaches the minor and three other people whose name hasn’t been disclosed yet.

Consequently, a First Investigation Report (FIR) has been lodged against the four suspected people under Section 377 (unnatural offense) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC, but none of them has been captured yet — although the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) chief minister has taken notice of the incident.

Meanwhile, the minor has been shifted to Ayub Medical Complex as his health condition remained unwell.

The sexual harassment case with minors are rapidly increasing in Pakistan, only in 2019, from January to June, 1,304 cases of sexual abuse of children have been reported in the media.

Which the numbers of minor girls and boys are 729 and 575, respectively, who became casualties of sexual misuse. The cases under significant classes included 378 of snatching, 139 of assault, 153 of homosexuality, 46 assault, 88 of group homosexuality through 12 minor boys and four girls have been killed after sexual maltreatment. — According to Sahil, a child protection society.

Minor boy subjected to rape by 100 times

The horrendous incident took place at a Madrassa–an Islamic religious school–in Mansehra, a city in Northern Pakistan.

The Madrassa teacher, known as Shamsuddin, is believed to have subjected the boy to a prolonged gang-rape and other forms of torture.

The boy was rushed to hospital when his eyes began to bleed during a medical check up.

Since being initially rushed to hospital, the boy has been transferred to Ayub Medical Complex in Abbottabad, Pakistan as his health began to deteriorate.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Chief Minister has vowed to take action to arrest and investigate the teacher and accomplices.

10-Year-Old Boy Gang-Raped by Islamic Teachers Until He Cried Blood

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  1. Jacinda’s silence means she condones such barbaric acts on helpless, children who are at the mercy of teachers at school or madarssas. Jacinda should know that sometimes the revenge against such acts could devastating. Christchurch massacre is a good example and it could be repeated . The Muslims have been known for their inhumanity, brutality, killings and other forms of torture against non Muslims and also against their women folks..The Muslim world is solidly controlled by Islam and Koran while other religions have humanity and Karma . Muslims can and will never change and for that reason they suffer. While they hate non Muslims they don’t hesitate to flood their countries in thousands as refugees for all the benefits which come to them free. They should learn to live in their paradise and leave non Muslim countries alone . Jacinda should be advised to take another good look at Islam and its followers.

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