Mosque shooting video: Philip Arps launches second appeal.

Let’s not forget the long history of the many radicals amongst Christchurch Muslims that have been supporting Kireka-Whaanga in his creation of a halal funded Islamic State here in New Zealand:

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Philip Arps at a previous appearance.

Self-confessed white supremacist Philip Neville Arps, who was jailed for sharing the Christchurch mosque shooting video, is launching a second appeal against his sentence.

Arps, 44, who thought graphic and banned footage of the Al Noor Mosque attack on March 15 was “awesome”, was jailed for 21 months at Christchurch District Court in June after admitting two charges of distributing an objectionable publication.

Judge Stephen O’Driscoll said Arps, who owns a white supremacist-themed insulation company, had “glorified” the killings and showed “particular cruelty” and callousness.

Arps went to the High Court to appeal that his sentence was “manifestly excessive”.

His lawyer, Anselm Williams, argued that Arps should have avoided jail and been sentenced to either a community-imposed sentence or one of home detention.

He said Arps had been sentenced on his extreme views rather than the acts he had pleaded guilty to.

The court earlier heard how Arps shared the video with a group of 30 “friends or associates” after the shooting.

Millions of people worldwide from all walks of life had done the same thing, Williams said.

Arps also had a version of the video modified to have crosshairs and a “kill count” added.

His offending was, in effect, a hate crime against the Muslim community, Judge O’Driscoll said.

When he was arrested and asked by police about the victims’ deaths, he replied, “I could not give a f***, mate”.

Justice Rachel Dunningham rejected his appeal arguments and agreed with the District Court judge’s “appropriate and justified” decision.

Now, he’s making another bid to overturn his sentence.

A spokeswoman for the Court of Appeal today confirmed that an application for leave to bring a second appeal against his sentence will be heard in Wellington on November 18.

Today, Williams confirmed the move, saying his client feels he was jailed for too long and that home detention should’ve been made available to him.

In 2016, Arps was one of a group of men who filmed themselves doing Hitler salutes as they delivered boxes of pigs heads and offal to the Al Noor mosque in Christchurch.

“White power … Bring on the cull,” Arps was seen saying in the video.

In that case, he was convicted of offensive behaviour and fined $800.

Mosque shooting video: White supremacist Philip Arps launches second appeal

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  1. Arps’ conviction only reinforces the mistaken belief the “live-stream” video is genuine, which it manifestly isn’t. It’s a fake, made in advance of March 15, and shows a “shooter” firing a replica airgun at heaps of dummies. The “shots” do not damage the dummies. They do no more than ruffle the clothes and, in one case, blow a prayer cap off. They also leave no marks on the walls of the mosque. Only a person who has no knowledge of the power of modern weapons – and in particular the power of the AR-15 or M-16 – would be taken in by this cheap production. Viewers should also note that, in the “firing” outside the mosque, ejected cartridge cases vanish in mid-air. They do not fall to the ground. It’s all hocus-pocus.

  2. I am going to stand by my view that UN and the NZ Govt played a part in this, March 15th 2019 there is too many unanswered questions. I believe this was solely for the intent to disarm NZ Law bidding citizens, NZ Govt signed the UNODA under the UN in 2007 and has failed through the court process to disarm NZ citizen. So they needed something absolutely dramatic that will gain the support of a certain majority to hammer home this Govts intent since 2007 “rid NZ citizens of firearms” As for Philip Arps, how you charge and convict him over distributing an objectionable publication when the classification of the objectionable publication surrounding the mosque video wasn’t sanctioned until after Phillip Arps was charged. NZ Govt corruption at its best. I am not in agreement to the tragic events on March 15 but you can not call this Govt the pinnacle of justice nor is this the country of freedom, Jacinda and her Police state now want to control the masses. I hope my immigration papers for the U.S is accepted.

    1. agreed, there is definitely more to this. So many big name visitors just before this, Podestra and co, also there is not other time when so many world muslim leaders have gathered together for a funeral of no-bodies. Islamics are blowing themselves up 100’s at a time, yet they do not get this sort of treatment even by islamic governments. (victims families are usually totally ignored, unless it is in hamas territory then they get paid off).

    2. “I am not in agreement to the tragic events on March 15…”

      What tragic events? Did you see any bodies? Did you see a single spot of blood on any of the “wounded” being rushed to hospital? Where are all those people who reportedly underwent complex reconstructive surgery?

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