fb stats 6 months after the Chch shooting.

Here are the statistics from facebook for the first six months after the Christchurch shooting for Islamic State Watch – New Zealand, www.fb.me/IslamicStateWatchNZ. The aim of this site is to reveal the links between the political and militant arms of Islam in this country as they follow their prophet and his teachings. One can understand why Islamic State Watch has been demonetized by fb & WordPress. They don’t want the message spreading further!

To those who financially support this work, thanks. Here are the stats for the last 6 months:

53794 Lifetime: The number of unique people who engaged in certain ways with your Page post, for example by commenting on, liking, sharing, or clicking upon particular elements of the post. (Unique Users)

Most engaging post:

417733 Lifetime: The number of times your Page’s post entered a person’s screen. Posts include statuses, photos, links, videos and more. (Total Count)

30688 Lifetime: The number of people who have liked your Page and clicked anywhere in your posts. (Unique Users)

132 Lifetime: The number of people who have given negative feedback to your post. (Unique Users)

Most complained about post to stay online: www.facebook.com/IslamicStateWatchNZ/posts/2574994492513258

399 Total Posts remain online from this period.

We have not been collecting data on the number of posts deleted by fb, nor the number of fb jail sentences earned by our admins, although we should start recording this data. It appears many posts have been deleted without notification.

Once again, to those who financially support this work, thanks.

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