Muslim and Maori values align at Te Whananga o Aotearoa.

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While learning more about te Ao M?ori during the programme, Zia says she realised her Muslim faith tied in well with M?ori values. “I did a presentation about how M?ori values and Muslim values align. Whanaungatanga, ahurutanga, ng? takepu and ng? uara, they all sit with our five pillars of Islam. That helped me with learning because it aligns so well.” She says the kaiako also helped her tackle any challenges along the way. “Life is not easy so you will have some challenges.

Muslim and M?ori values align at Te W?nanga o Aotearoa.

Possibly one of these challenges is how Te Whananga o Aotearoa reconcile a pilgrimage to Mecca with anything Maori.