NZ’s highest ranking Muslim cop sends heartfelt pledge to Christchurch victims

This from the same police district that just weeks later arrested and charged a Kiwi for wearing a St Georges cross to celebrate a rugby team!

Superintendent Naila Hassan: “I am a proud Muslim and I am a leader in the NZ Police

The country’s highest ranking Muslim police officer fought back tears as she shared a heartfelt message at a vigil for the victims of the Christchurch tragedy.

Speaking at downtown Auckland’s Aotea Square, Superintendent Naila Hassan told the crowd gathered she was a “proud Muslim, and a leader in the New Zealand Police”.

“This is a precautionary message to ensure the safety of our brothers and sisters and our communities around New Zealand.

Superintendent Hassan spoke to thousands of people gathered for a vigil in Aotea Square the day after two Christchurch mosques were subject to a terror attack.

Hassan said there had been an increased police presence around mosques and Islamic centres nationwide.

“I am horrified, as are all my colleagues in the New Zealand Police, around the events in Christchurch.”

In total, the attacks claimed 49 lives and left 48 people injured. Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, has been charged with murder over the attack.

A man, who appeared to be a Muslim leader, spoke after Hassan and said the support shown by police and politicians had been “amazing”.

“The New Zealand community has all come together to support us, I have had thousands of messages in just 30 hours.”

He had a message for the haters: “You’re not going to frighten us.”

“We are New Zealanders, we will stand together, and if anybody is isolated it’s you the haters.

“We will overcome the hate with love.”

He urged people to think before acting: “Please use your head before doing actions, because we need to make sure we do not respond to those haters with hate.”

NZ’s highest ranking Islamic police officer sends heartfelt pledge to Christchurch victims