A Kiwi Isis supporter is under investigation by his employer for live-streaming footage of sheep having their throats cut in a Napier slaughterhouse.

Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga founded the Islamic State of Aotearoa in 2014, and was named as one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims in 2010, by a group in Jordan.

In one of three videos posted to Facebook last week, a man can be seen laughing as a thrashing sheep is held down and violently slaughtered. The videos have since been removed.

The Ministry for Primary Industries said it would review the footage before deciding on whether to launch an investigation.

Kireka-Whaanga, who lives in Hastings, works at Fresh Meats NZ in Napier.

Manager of Fresh Meats NZ, Alistair Martin, said the videos were unauthorised and not approved by the company.

“As these have now been brought to our attention we will address this matter with Mr Kireka-Whaanga directly.

“Conduct issues are a confidential matter between employee and employer, it would therefore be inappropriate to disclose anything further at this time.”

SAFE Veterinary Professor Andrew Knight said the footage was alarming, and at least one of the sheep appeared to be conscious as it has its throat cut.

“I’m really disturbed about seeing the sheep actually move after their throats have been cut and after they’ve been hung up in the shacking device because the movement of the sheep raises doubt about whether these sheep are actually unconscious as they are supposed to be.”