A Current Affair to expose ‘frightening secret videos’ of Salim Mehajer

Salim Mehajer is the model of Australian Islamic integration into western society.
Mohamed is his example. “disgusting is that there were threats of sexual violence”.

A Current Affair to expose ‘frightening secret videos’ of Salim Mehajer

WE’VE seen the dramatic footage of “Mehajer the maniac” ahead of tonight’s “explosive” episode of A Current Affair and now the man in question has hit back, telling the journalist involved to focus on “real news”.

In a teaser for tonight’s episode, A Current Affair promises to expose the “real” Salim Mehajer, Auburn Council’s former deputy mayor who infamously shut down a busy Sydney street for his extravagant wedding last year.

In the explosive promo, Mehajer can be seen violently screaming at an unknown recipient: “You’ve got five minutes to give me a call!”

It’s followed up with his furious threat, “I hope you die, you ****.”

The reporter behind the story, Alison Piotrowski, told the Today show this morning it was incredibly disturbing.

“I’ve worked at A Current Affair for nearly eight years now and I’ve seen some very confronting stuff — some we’ve shown on camera, some we haven’t. And I do have to say, this is the most confronting video I’ve seen in my eight years on the show,” she revealed.

“What’s more disgusting is that there were threats of sexual violence, and I think that’s what has really shaken me.”

Mr Mehajer responded to news.com.au through the PR company Media Mehajer Family, saying he was “totally disappointed” in the comments made on morning television.

He said this story didn’t hold any weight “emotionally or seriously” in the public forum against “real” headlines.

He referred to a story broken by the Daily Telegraph about a 14-year-old girl with “high-needs” who suffered from sexual abuse in a residential foster care home.

“No offence, Alison, you are a talented reporter who needs to spend more time getting shaken up by the ‘real’ stories that need ‘real’ awareness, not by an individual yelling into their personal phone camera. Which is the exact reason why I never took any requests to participate or be interviewed for that seriously — because I don’t believe it’s classified as credible news,” he said.

In the A Current Affair promo, no clue is given as to the identity of the person copping Mehajer’s vicious tirade.

The exclusive investigation, which features secret videos of Mehajer issuing furious threats, says it will “bring his world crashing down” and “wishing no one had ever heard of him” and claims “it’s all over, Salim”.

It’s not been the easiest year for the property developer; his estranged wife Aysha lodged an AVO against him in July after their marriage crumbled — despite his previous denials that they’d even split.

Over the weekend, in what appears to be a bid to revamp his rapidly deteriorating image, Mehajer posted a motivational video — starring himself — to his Facebook and YouTube account. The clip, titled “Dream”, lasts less than three minutes and features a dramatic voiceover.