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Life for man who killed wife and daughter

But Honour killing is practiced in his home country because it’s Sharia compliant. This is ordinary Islam.

On the morning of May 19, 2014, Ishrat Malik called his daughter to tell her he had “finished” her mother and sister. Farhat Rana Malik and her 18-year-old daughter, Sidra Noor Malik, lay dead in the family’s Ranui home, suffering more than 50 stab wounds between them. Crown prosecutor Josh Shaw said the purpose of the phone call from Malik to his eldest daughter Rida “seems to have been to show she had not won”. “A twisting of the knife, so to speak.”

In the High Court at Auckland this morning, Malik was jailed for life for the double murder with the prospect of parole only after 18 and a half years. Justice Simon Moore today revealed the two victims had planned to move away from the killer to a new property the following day.


Life for man who killed wife and daughter

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