Does former Labour list MP Ashraf Choudhary dream of a second Holocaust?

Public anti Semitism and anti Israeli speech seems to be becoming a trend and publicly acceptable now, as more and more people step forward to publicly expose themselves for attacking Jews and Israel instead of targeting the conflict itself. As you will have read yesterday about Phil Goff’s empty headed rant about Israel, what was more alarming was one post left by former Labour list MP Ashraf Choudhary.

First some background about Ashraf Choudhary: Mr Choudhary who is of Pakistani origin has in the past been involved with several organisations such as?the New Zealand Federation of Ethnic Councils and the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand. Choudhary was elected gifted a list position at #40 after the 2002 election for the Labour Party. In 2005 he sparked outrage when he appeared on TV3’s program 60 Minutes when he was asked Are you saying the Koran is wrong to recommend that gays in certain circumstances be stoned to death?” to which Choudhary replied: “No, no. Certainly what the Koran says is correct.” but then partially backpedaled “In those societies, not here in New Zealand.” So he was saying it was ok for adulterers and homosexuals to be flogged and stoned to death as long as it wasn’t in New Zealand.

But anyway I digress.

Anyway, what goes around comes around

Making public statements of that nature from a former Labour list MP on the page of current MP Phil Goff in the public arena without scrutiny making shrouded implications seemingly hopeful of another Holocaust is a very dangerous comment to be making.

The sentiment of the language surrounding his comment make it blatantly obvious and leave nothing to the imagination about what he is getting at.

  • “Zionists” instead of Israeli’s
  • Discussing genocide quickly followed by “what goes around comes around”

From wikipedia:

Since retiring Choudhary has been active in the Pakistani and Indian community circles of Auckland encouraging youth political involvement and supporting blood donor drives.

Given his anti Jewish slant, one would have to wonder what kind of ‘political involvement’ he is encouraging youth into. I don’t know what kind of extremist ideals were found acceptable in the village he came from in the Punjab region of Pakistan, but we sure as well don’t want them here.?

One thing he is right about, what is happening in Gaza IS a disgrace to humanity. Over 30 tunnels at a cost of $3 million each made from 32 truckloads of construction materials per tunnel that could be used by the people of Gaza but is instead being funneled into a terror network to attack Israel.

I bet you don’t see mass rallies in Israel calling for the death of all Palestinians or Muslims, another disgrace to humanity. The only reason civilian deaths are so disproportionate is because Iron Dome is protecting Israels populated areas and the IDF isn’t bombing its own citizens to boost the death count. Perhaps the IDF should turn off the Iron Dome and let it rain rockets in the race for the most public sympathy.

One thing that ranting fools like Goff, Choudhary, Smalley and the assortment of empty vessels spewing their cranial contents all over social media have swallowed is the reporting of casualties. On one side deaths are broken down as soldiers and Israeli civilians. On the other side all deaths including militants are reported as “Palestinians” to garner the maximum outrage possible.

Yet even still people won’t catch on to the sinister deception of Pallywood. And it sure as hell doesn’t warrant making suggestions of a second holocaust.

Does former Labour list MP Ashraf Choudhary dream of a second Holocaust?