Sex slaves normal part of Islam culture

Are Sex slaves normal part of Islam culture? Yes, yes they are. Since so much of the Koran is devoted to who one can have sex with, and while it is being promoted as a model of civil living, New Zealand’s main stream media has to slowly integrate the two cultures. This is one of their first attempts:

Human rights groups report that thousands of women have been raped by Syrian army soldiers in the ongoing war, which is now in its third year and has left 130,000 dead.

That trend appears likely to only increase.

Qur’an commentator Maulana Bulandshahri explains that the justification for this is rooted in (Qur’an 4:3), an ”allowance of sexual slavery: During Jihad (religious war), many men and women become war captives. The Amirul Mu’minin [leader of the believers] has the choice of distributing them amongst the Mujahidin [warriors of jihad], in which event they will become the property of these Mujahidin. This enslavement is the penalty for disbelief (kufr)”.

There is no disagreement on this practice among Islamic scholars. The prisoners and spoils of war are distributed among the fighters, which includes men, women, children, wealth, and so on.

However, Bulandshahri complained that because of treaties, ”Muslims have been denied a great boon whereby every home could have had a sex slave.”

Female Kuwaiti activist and politician Salwa al-Mutairi also spoke out in favour of the Islamic practice of sexual slavery of non- Muslim women.

A merchant told her that when a local sex slave market is erected, ”When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market and choose the woman I like and purchase her.”

Sex slaves normal part of Islam culture

Further verses: 3:50, 23:5-6, etc.

The Sunnah clarify beyond any doubt.

Sahih Bukhari (62:137) – An account of women taken as slaves in battle by Muhammad’s men after their husbands and fathers were killed. The woman were raped with Muhammad’s approval.

Sahih Bukhari (34:432) – Another account of females taken captive and raped with Muhammad’s approval. In this case it is evident that the Muslims intend on selling the women after raping them because they are concerned about devaluing their price by impregnating them. Muhammad is asked about coitus interruptus.

Sahih Muslim 3371 – Muhammad and his men take captive “some excellent Arab women” from the Banu Mustaliq.  Their dilemma then becomes that they want to rape the women, but they also want to ‘ransom’ them, knowing that their captives will be of less value if pregnant. When they ask Muhammad about coitus interruptus, their prophet tells them that it doesn’t matter how they rape the women because “every soul will be born” anyway.



  1. The source of this story appears to be Arutz Sheva. See The opening sentence here is identical to the opening sentence of the Stuff article at Both articles are from 2014.

    Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Ali al-Dala, who is described by Arutz Sheva as an “aid (sic) to the chief mufti of Syria”, may have said that “Syrian army soldiers have permission to ‘marry’ unmarried and married women, sisters and mothers of the rebel fighters”. But whatever he said, and whatever he meant by what he said, it was only his opinion.

    Everyone should know by now that the war in Syria is not a “jihad” – except in the eyes of the terrorists fighting the Syrian Government. From the perspective of the Government, which describes itself as “Arab” rather than “Muslim”, it is a war to preserve the country and to protect all its religious minorities, including Christians, from ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

    See “Syria’s Christians stand by Assad” at

    1. BY “except in the eyes of the terrorists fighting the Syrian Government” you mean the governments of Turkey/Pakistan/Indonesia/Obama, and NZ organisations like FIANZ and the NZ Islamic Womens Council, and Avondale/ Manukau/ Christchurch/ etc mosques who have come out publically RECENTLY against the christians and jews in those countries who were living peacably there before islam invaded 1400 years ago right?

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