Cure of Coronavirus in Islam, According to Hadiths

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Islam has a cure of coronavirus are mentioned in the Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Learn more details on this topic.

The deadly Covid-19 disease has got the entire world in its palm, infecting a big part of the world. At this time, there are few Hadiths that can be used as a sign. The scientists of the world are trying their level best to find a cure but they’re unable to find one as of now. But in Islam, there is always a cure.

Islam is a complete code of life, it makes sure life and death are in Allah’s hand. However, Islam further says that there is no disease that can not be cured.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH about a viral disease

As per the Hadith detailed above, Plague (In this hadith, it is referred to any pandemic disease) is a blessing for the believers of Allah and the one who dies because of this is a martyr.

Furthermore, as per Islam, everything that is happening right now is from Allah SWT. Death is written and a believer should not fear anything as Allah has written it for him.

Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a hadith told the people not to go to an area where an epidemic has broken out or do not leave the area if you’re in it. This means that life and death are in Allah’s hand but making sure that you keep your health and other’s health protected, it is necessary.

Cure of Coronavirus (Diseases) in the light of Hadiths

As per hadith given above, Surah Al-Falak and Surah An-Nas can cure any illness.

As per this hadith, Cupping (Hijama), Honey and Cauterizing contain a number of healing powers which can be a great way to fight Coronavirus.

Again Prophet Muhammad PBUH mentioned an agent of healing which is Honey. So, one should take a teaspoon of honey each morning.


There are some healing properties in the black seed. Black seed is being used for medicinal purposes for the last 2,000 years, experts claimed. Anti-Bacterial, Antioxidants and Anti-Viral properties can be found in the black seed.

How Muslims Should Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

Allah in the Quran stressed “Taqwah” and Tawakal” which means God’s and Reliance upon Allah. There are some things that humans can not control.

People with good Immunity won’t get infected with Coronavirus

If you’re searching for Cure of coronavirus, before that you need some things that you should focus on, such as eating the food that enhances your immunity, as experts have said the people with good immunity won’t get infected coronavirus.