$BW undergoes bizarre cupping therapy

Sonny Bill Williams has taken to the bizarre ritual of hijama cupping as a way of detoxing.

The twice World Cup winning All Black has posted a picture of himself on Twitter going through the ancient Arabic therapy method, known as hijama cupping.

The alternative form of medicine uses heated glass cups to suck up the skin on Williams’ back and blood is drawn from his body through small skin insertions and fills up the cups..

Those who advocate hijama believe it helps ease aches and pains on the body.

Williams posted an image of himself receiving the treatment on Wednesday, with the words ‘detox time’ accompanying the photo.

Williams isn’t the only celebrity to undergo this treatment, with American stars Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Brad Pitt also believed to have gone through this.

However, New Zealand doctor Brad McKay, who is a presenter on Australian TV show Embarrassing Bodies, rubbished hijama cupping as an effective treatment.

“Looks painful and no evidence that cupping is good for you,” McKay tweeted. “Like getting giant hickies on your back – OUCH”

In another tweet McKay wrote: “Cupping is one of my pet hates.

“It doesn’t “draw out bad blood”, it only damages your skin and gives you bruises.”

Sonny Bill Williams undergoes hijama cupping therapy