End of 2019 review: Top “bleached” stories on www.islamicstatewatch.com

There have been two major periods in the last decade where the NZ media have been busy deleting stories that could shed truth on the current events of the time.

The first period was just after a New Zealand “Islamic State” was announced in 2014. Any article relating to the earliest days of the Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association disappeared, especially those relating to the groups that initiated and sponsored it’s formation; FIANZ and the Canterbury Muslim Association.

The second was of course just after the Christchurch shooting on March 15th 2019.

One concept behind this website was to try and collect information on the hidden political aspects of NZ Islam to help people understand the direction New Zealand muslims wish this country to travel; the path of sharia. This information is recorded in snippets of interviews with people relatively unknown, in news material most don’t think twice about. Most of the information on this site is still publicly available, but some of the more important pieces are not.

You will notice several themes within this site. Firstly, there is plenty of financial and moral backing for the faithful/radicals. Secondly, the NZ media have amnesia when it comes to what they have previously reported, we have no ‘investigative’ journalists in mainstream NZ media any more. Thirdly, those politicians who start with the truth end up supporting the status sharia agenda. Fourthly, there’s a lot of news overseas that is never reported here in NZ. Finally, money talks, “truth” is relative to who holds the money, and the definitions found in Quran.

These were some of the most informative articles removed from mainstream news sites.

2004: Muslim faith draws converts from NZ prisons.
2005: FIANZ funding al-Quaeda radical in NZ prisons.
2007:  Abdullah Drury: Crucial element locked in past.
2009: Treaty compatible with Islamic philosophy.
2010: 14 & pregnant: Child brides & Sharia takes priority over NZ law.
2010: FIANZ protests to BSA of “unfair” portrayal of Islamic child marriage on NZ TV
2010: WikiLeaks cable: Terrorist finance laws
2010: WikiLeaks cable: Kiwi Muslims – Wahhabis in their midst
2011: Real threat of honour killings in NZ, women’s group says

and fast forward to 2019 and it’s still happening:

2019: Dunedin mosque Islamic supremacist video that sparked Christchurch shooting still widely available.

This is by no means a complete list of what has been bleached from public view and only represents a small percentage of those pages from our site. There is also so much more that we have missed.

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  1. I, for one, am horrified and devastated by the turn that Islam has taken in this country. I remember a time, in my city, when the Muslim community was small. Its members fell, roughly, into three categories: (1) Professional people, such as doctors, lawyers, and university lecturers; (2) People pursuing postgraduate studies, mainly in the field of agricultural science, and (3) The descendants of people who had been in this part of the world for many decades. While some of these people might have been described as devout Muslims, their interest in Islam tended to be academic. They were people who were serious, but who could also see the funny side of things. On the whole, I got the impression that they were people of integrity. But what can I say about the current lot – and, in particular, those who have told lie after lie after lie as they have hoodwinked the whole country over Christchurch? I am almost lost for words. This is an absolute tragedy.

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