Muslim drug dealer forces friend to bark and recite Islamic prayer before stabbing him SEVEN times

A drug dealer who kidnapped and stabbed a former friend when he tried to reconnect made him recite and Islamic death prayer and bark like an animal because he thought he was a police informant.

Husseim Dennaoui and Fadl Rahal had fallen out in 2006 after he labelled him a ‘dog’ but 11 years later tried to patch up their rocky relationship.

Rahal drove to a unit in Bexley in Sydney’s south in March 2017 to reconnect with his old friend when their reunion took a bloody turn.

Husseim Dennaoui was sentenced to 12 years in jail earlier this month and his accomplice Pierre Serour has been sentenced to 8 years, for the horrific torture and kidnap of their former friend in South Sydney 2017

Dennaoui, an ice addict, viciously punched him in the head before calling him a ‘dog’, ‘snitch’ and ‘informant’.

He was found guilty of a number of charges in 2017 and last month sentenced to 12 years in prison but documents recently released by the NSW District Court and seen by the The Daily Telegraph reveal the extent of his horrific attack.

His accomplice Pierre Serour was also found guilty and was sentenced to eight years imprisonment.

The court heard that during the brutal attack both men smoked ice throughout the night as they repeatedly beat the victim until he was unconscious.

Dennaoui said ‘every time you lie, I’m going to hit you,’ as Serour joined the attack.

There was a huge manhunt in 2017 for Dennaoui as police searched for the criminal who was on parole at the time of the attack

The pair beat Rahal to the floor, before Dennaoui went and grabbed a knife.

The Islamic prayer they forced him to recite is said to be one that is reserved for the moment of death.

Dennaoui stabbed Rahal’s arms and legs seven times whilst threatening him ‘tell me you’re a f**king dog … say it and I’ll let you go’.

He then snatched the victims money and an Armani watch as Rahal took cover in the corner of the unit,  drenched in his own blood.

Dennaoui and Serour with the help of accomplices, stuffed Rahal into a car the next day and sped to the victim’s mother’s home, where they demanded he collect $3000.

A court has heard the extent of the cruel treatment, as it was revealed during the ice-fueled attack the men forced Fadl Rahal to bark like a dog and recite an Islamic prayer reserved for death

Rahal managed  to alert his mother to call emergency services despite being warned he only had minutes to retrieve the cash.

The attackers were found guilty aggravated detention, wounding and drugs along with several other charges in 2017.

Paranoid drug dealer forced a friend to bark like a dog and recite an Islamic prayer before stabbing him SEVEN times

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