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incitement Submission filed

Below is an extract from our Incitement submission filed by in response to the request for feedback on the ‘hate speech’ laws requested by NZ Muslims after the Christchurch shooting. The full text of our incitement submission filed can be found here.


An ironic title for a letter to parliament on the “Proposals against incitement of hatred and discrimination” protecting Islam: Submission. Islam means “submission”.

The author requests anonymity as family are still within the greater NZ Islamic community and could suffer backlash as is common in similar situations overseas when people speak out about Islam.

Executive Summary:

This submission is against the proposals against incitement of hatred and discrimination as they currently stand, for the following reasons:

Submission point 1: Quran is a highly offensive book, and Muhammad none less so.

Any new New Zealand Government legislation should ensure that Christians should be freely able to speak out to defend their faith and practice, without fear of false accusations of hate speech, where-ever and whenever local Muslims are claiming to represent the Christian God in their local Islamic practices or preaching, particularly as this is a right given to Christians via the Quran!

Submission point 2: Quran and Muhammad incite hatred and discrimination.

Any new New Zealand Government legislation should allow those currently disadvantaged and disenfranchised by Muslims to speak out against the unfair discriminatory practices and the hatred contained in Islamic literature and teachings, and Christians should still be able to freely tell their own history of living under this discrimination and hatred.

Submission point 3: Quran and Muhammad mock and ridicule those around them.

Any new New Zealand Government legislation should allow Christians to critique Islamic religious practices as they critique ours, and with the same passion that they do it!

We do concede however, that the prophet of Islam’s statement “Never will succeed such a nation as makes a woman their ruler” may have some element of truth to it.

The full text is available here.


  1. With regards to Christians being able to freely speak out in defence of their beliefs, I would add that all religions be given the right to speak in their own defence against Islamic hatred. Better yet would be a multi-faith coalition responding in solidarity.

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