Internal Affairs probe of charities linked to Auckland schools turns into police investigation

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One of the trusts is linked to Al-Madinah School in M?ngere.

An investigation into charities linked to two Auckland schools has been handed over to police by the Department of Internal Affairs.

In October, Stuff revealed three charities were under scrutiny for allegations of financial mismanagement, including claims Ministry of Education money had been spent on cars, jewellery and travel.

Stuff understands the allegations have been made by a former worker at the charities.

The charities are the Islamic Educational and Dawah Trust, which is connected to Al-Madinah School, and the Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahayan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, which is connected to Zayed College for Girls.

A third charity, Al-Waqf for Dawah and Taaleem New Zealand Trust, is not connected to the schools but is linked to the allegations.

Zayed College for Girls in M?ngere is linked to one of the three trusts.

They claim financial mismanagement goes back years and has been covered by “misleading information” reported to Charities Services.

The allegations relate to the charities, and not the schools themselves. Their income includes private funding – such as donations – as well as taxpayer funding.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Education said that as the case was now a police investigation, the Ministry was unable to comment.

When the allegations were first brought to light in October, the ministry’s Katrina Casey said they were aware of the allegations and had received information from the complainant and a second person linked to the charities.

Police refused to comment, saying “we are unable to respond to queries which seek to establish whether specific individuals or organisations are, or have been, under investigation”.

Internal Affairs probe of charities linked to Auckland schools turns into police investigation