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The first time we were taken off of facebook, it was because a local Muslim though this was a dating site so posted photos of himself with his weapons making threats to impress the ladies. He ended up in court and we started again.

The last time we were removed from social media was after this post: Video: Coronavirus “Soldier of Allah” Imam Celebrates Non-Muslim Deaths vs. NZ Coronavirus “Soldier of Allah” Imam scared to die!

To date, our most damning post on Islam has not had us banned yet, but this latest tech purge may do.

Thus far, the only social media home we have successfully kept alive is MeWe,, however, this has given the odd ‘unavailable’ message lately also.

This site was started in 2015 after a journey that had started over a half a decade earlier with an Avondale mosque employee encouraging us to check it [Islam/Quran] out, to see everything is true! A degree majoring in religious history later; it’s true. The Quran is true; Islam is the most bloody farcical religion in history. Academically and historically this is true. And the Quran even tells people to ask Christians what the truth is!! One day we’ll publish all of the threats from the fake accounts, including of the men pretending to be women, or “Donald Trump” irl, that we have recorded or videoed. It’ll be entertaining.

We’ll also replace all the Amazon links in the academia pages with the actual books themselves. If there’s a scholarly work mentioned here that you want, just ask.

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Found this amusing pic on fb! It’s appropriate as we enter a new era!

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