Spy bosses: ‘Small number’ of male and female Kiwi jihadis offshore

New Zealand spy bosses have revealed Kiwi men and women remain alongside Islamic State and other extremist groups in the Middle East.

While politicians grappled over legislation aimed at protecting the country from the risks posed by people returning here after engaging in terrorism activities overseas, the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) provided them with some of their latest intel, including the “threat” posed by some on their potential return.

The latter includes conducting a terror attack themselves, or “inciting” others to do so – a stance which is backed by a New Zealand-based security and intelligence expert who has previously done consultancy work for the US Government.

In a briefing to the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee – which had considered the Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill – the SIS said it believed Kiwis continue to work alongside Islamic terrorist groups.

“There is a small number of New Zealanders – men and women – some of whom are dual citizens, believed to remain in Syria or Iraq alongside Isil and other extremist groups,” the SIS said in the document obtained by the Herald.

“It is possible there may be other New Zealanders that have travelled to the conflict zone that we do not know about.”



  1. All these articles about Kiwi jihadis overlook the fact that many of the Western powers, including New Zealand, have had a finger in the Syrian pie. New Zealand’s finger was, admittedly, a small one: All we did was offer to train the White Helmets – the PR arm of Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra. But we were involved, and in a way that helped what was, in reality, the “respectable face” of terrorism. Thus, this country is guilty of a hostile act against the people of Syria, who have done us no harm.

      1. I think you will find several articles if you search for “New Zealand and White Helmets”. The one I have saved as a pdf file is here: http://charles3.com/pdfs/NZAndWhiteHelmets.pdf.

        A few points need to be made in connection with this: (1) The White Helmets are not volunteers. They are paid – and paid quite well. (2) The White Helmets are not the real Syrian Civil Defence. They are a parallel structure that operates only in terrorist-controlled areas. The real Syrian Civil Defence is based, of course, in Damascus. (3) Bolstering the White Helmets, who have been implicated in organ trafficking and other nefarious activities, does NOT help to bring peace to Syria.

        The war in Syria was never a civil war. It was a proxy war waged by the West against the Syrian Government and people, and followed a longstanding plan (the Yinon plan) to Balkanize the entire Middle East. The expectation was that Syria would fall in much the same way as Libya fell. Fortunately, Russia stepped in and prevented this from happening.

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