Security expert: Kiwi ‘bumbling jihadi’ not the biggest threat to New Zealand

This former member of the NZ Army is no idiot, and will say whatever he needs to to get himself off of the hook! He’s a willing fool for freedoms sake. NZ has no intel of it’s own from over there, and has to reply on statements from Islamic State members and supporters for what is happening.

Either Paul is on the Islamic payroll, childishly naive, or just ignorant of previous history of this guy.
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Global security and intelligence expert Dr Paul Buchanan says while the dubbed ‘bumbling jihadi’ Mark Taylor may have become the face of new terrorism laws, he should not be considered a major public enemy to our national security.

Taylor – also known as Mohammad Daniel and Abu Abdul Rahman – travelled from New Zealand to Syria in 2014 to join Islamic State.

A year later he was tagged the ‘bumbling jihadi’ after mistakenly revealing the location of Islamic State fighters on Twitter after failing to turn off a tracking function on his phone.

He has been in custody in Syria since December 2018 and wants to return home. And earlier this year Taylor told a journalist he would like to set up a medicinal cannabis company in New Zealand.

His face was widely used in coverage of the Bill designed to place restrictions on any New Zealanders returning after fighting alongside terror groups.