Christchurch terror plotter back in custody.

What do the government expect when they taxpayers are paying the local mosque to teach him “true islam”?

Let’s not forget the long history of the many radicals amongst Christchurch Muslims that have been supporting Kireka-Whaanga in his creation of a halal funded Islamic State here in New Zealand:

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2018:  Kiwi teenager radicalised planned mass killing in Christchurch ‘for Allah’.
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A troubled youngster who’s been closely watched by authorities ever since he was caught plotting a 2017 terror attack in Christchurch is back behind bars.

The man was just 17 when he planned to ram a car into a group of people in Christchurch and then stab them – telling police later that he’d “done it for Allah”.

His road to rehabilitation has been rocky. At times, the judge in charge of judicially-monitoring him has been told of positive progress, with NCEA credits and driving tests.

But now aged 20, he’s already admitted three breaches of the court-imposed intensive supervision order this year, including two breaches which came after he used his mother’s phone to view pornography.

In June it was revealed how he sparked a manhunt after he walked out of his supervised accommodation, saying he felt frightened.

And today, he was back in the dock at Christchurch District Court, accused of failing to comply with the conditions of an intensive supervision order imposed at Christchurch District Court on September 17.

He faces two charges of threatening behaviour and derogatory language towards staff at the place he has been staying.

When he appeared before Judge Tony Couch from custody, bail was opposed.

He was remanded back in custody to come up before Judge Stephen O’Driscoll, who has overseen his case throughout, next Wednesday.

At an earlier court appearance, the then teen promised never to return to extremism.

He said how the March 15 mosques terror attack had helped him reflect on his own earlier extremist thinking.

After 51 Muslims were massacred during Friday prayer, the teen said he felt “disgust”, not just for those who died and at how much it has affected the nation, but also disgust at thinking of the harm he himself could’ve done to “innocent Kiwis” who are “his people”.

Christchurch terror plotter back in custody.

This from another source:

Christchurch man who plotted terrorist-style attack back behind bars

A man who planned to ram a car into a group of people in Christchurch when he was a teenager is back in custody.
A 20-year-old who once planned a terrorist-style attack in Christchurch is back in custody after allegedly abusing staff at his supervised accommodation.

The man, who has permanent name suppression, was 17 in 2017 when was radicalised online and planned an ISIS-style attack. He wanted to ram a car into a crowd and then stab people until police killed him.

He went ahead with a threatening and violent incident which caused damage but he decided not to hurt anybody “because he did not have the means to kill enough people”, he said.

Since getting supervision with counselling to deal with his radicalisation at his 2018 sentencing, he has had a succession of setbacks, but has also made progress. He has been studying for NCEA credits, and he has been able to do sport and activity under supervision.

He was arrested for an incident on Tuesday, and charged with breaching his supervision sentence by threatening and using derogatory language against staff members at the facility where he has been staying.

He came before Judge Tony Couch in the Christchurch District Court on Wednesday, and was remanded in custody to appear again on November 27.

Defence counsel Chris Nolan said no bail application was being made.

Having learnt life skills to look after himself, he even invited the Christchurch District Court judge who was monitoring him, Judge Stephen O’Driscoll, to attend a barbecue where he would cook, but continuing difficulties have meant that has not happened.

He will be brought back before Judge O’Driscoll for his appearance next week.

During the time being monitored he has faced charges for breaching his sentence by leaving the supervised accommodation without permission, and for taking and using his mother’s cellphone when she visited. He is not allowed to use internet-capable devices.

He said he had only wanted the phone to look at pornography rather than radical sites. A check of the phone confirmed that.

He has been held in custody for a period this year after these incidents while fresh accommodation arrangements were made, and he was released on supervision back to the accommodation again in September.

The name of the accommodation is suppressed.

Christchurch man who plotted terrorist-style attack back behind bars