Appeasement: Jacinda Ardern promises to look into more opportunities for Muslim women.

Jacinda Ardern at the 29th Annual National Conference of Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand in Mangere.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has promised to sit down in a workshop with Muslim women aspiring for a career in politics.

She made the personal commitment at the Islamic Women’s Council of New Zealand annual conference in M?ngere in south Auckland on Saturday.

Ardern was asked a question from the floor on what opportunities there were for Muslim women who wanted to be leaders in their community and local government.

Ardern turned the question around and asked how many women in the room had the same aspirations.

Almost half the women in the hall shot their hand up.

LAWRENCE SMITH/STUFF Students of Zayed College for Girls performed a recitation at the event.

Ardern said it was a good opportunity to create a workshop and connect Muslim women with leaders in their own communities and government organisations.

“I will be there,” she said.

She also spoke about steps the Government was taking to create equal opportunities for all New Zealanders, ways to combat discrimination and racism, and the important role education played in this. ?

Ardern also reflected on the March 15 mosque attacks and how resilient the nation has been in the past five months. 

Jacinda Ardern promises to look into more opportunities for Muslim women

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  1. I don’t see it as appeasement. I see it as further evidence the Muslim community in New Zealand has been co-opted by the Ardern regime, which is pursuing a globalist agenda. But whatever it is, there are two things to be resisted: (1) Any special status for Muslims in New Zealand, and (2) Any calls for more laws to curb “hate speech” – a vague term that covers virtually everything that someone, somewhere, professes to find offensive. Thanks to that stunt in Christchurch, we have already lost most of our freedom of speech. We don’t want to lose what little remains.

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