hate speech charges laid by NZ sharia police

No one will protest these hate speech charges laid by NZ sharia police, because it’s too late to complain. Christchurch Muslims have a long history of implementing sharia in NZ. Muslims are grouping together to target those who object to their social behaviours. Why should this 68 women be surprised when this is what she has voted for and protested for her whole life? This is similar to the Islamic complained about a crusaders fan wearing a Crusaders flag to a rugby game! NZ culture is to be replaced.

Police have formally laid a charge against a Rangiora woman caught up in allegations of racism after an altercation with two Muslim women who lost family members and friends in the Christchurch terror attack.

The 68-year-old has been charged with using insulting words against Janna Ezat and Aya Al-Umari, namely saying “don’t worry, it won’t be long before they leave our country”, then questioning if they were “born and bred” in New Zealand.

The family, who lost son and brother Hussein Al-Umari in Al Noor Mosque, had been shopping at a Farmers in Rangiora in late December when the altercation took place.

Police allege the woman, who has no listed occupation, made the comments in a public place while being “reckless whether any person was alarmed or insulted by those words”.

The charge was laid under the Summary Offences Act 1981 and carries a maximum penalty of a fine of $1000.

She will appear in court at the end of the month.




    1. This is easier than you think. 90% of Muslims living in the west have only heard their imams talk, they have never read any of the source literature for themselves. Once they read the Quran, Siarah and hadiths for themselves, and then the Gospels which Muslims claim to be their holy books also,they either leave Islam or investigate further, because none of it says what their imams claim it does when read with the other pieces.

  1. It’s shocking and chilling that this minor matter has ended up before the court. When I was living in Japan, I sometimes heard such comments about myself. I just let them pass. In the real world, you can’t expect everyone to be nice and polite to you all the time.

    1. I get told that all the time, yet they forget when my ancestors arrived there were no european women! Never once have i thought of taking the person to court, and ironically usually they are half pacific or other themselves!

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