Media seeks to silence jihads critics

Once again NZ media seeks to silence jihads critics in defense of those who finance and promote terrorism from the ever increasing security of their base here in New Zealand. Jihad is the struggle to advance the Islamic caliphate via thoughts (prayers), words, or deeds, in accordance with their prophets wishes. NZ media will ignore the decades of social harm that the Islamification of NZ industry to bring it into line with sharia has caused, yet publish barely printable foreign reports based on distant observance of NZ social media platforms.

The report promoted by NZ media outlets, From Gangs to Groupuscules and Solo-Actor Terrorism, focuses on how to counter the anti-Islamic narrative circulating here, as promoted by a number of social media pages. While this report does not touch on any of the actual issues identified by Tarrant, it identifies hatred of Islam as the only problem needing to be addressed to correct anti-Islamic thought.

There has not yet been a report written on the social harms of Islam in New Zealand, or the cause of the March 15th terrorist attack.

The irony of the New Zealand media’s attacks on alternative thinking, and demonisation, of those who do not like sharia, is it hides the easiest solution; education is all that is required to combat the Islamic extremism that has been building here for decades under the guise of ‘peaceful Islam’. Islam’s own academia are on record agreeing with the claims of ‘far right extremists’; specifically that the standard narrative has holes in it. There is a false Islamic history taught in NZ mosques and distributed in glossy books at markets and schools that bears no resemblance to an acknowledged historical truth.

While NZ media seeks to silence jihads critics, NZ imams are on record preaching from the Quran against NZ morals and values, we have honour killings, child marriages, honour beatings live streamed, rape gangs ignored by police, the singular cause of which is ignored by NZ media; Sharia law. These people have been told that their religion is respected and valued here in this country.

Because the NZ media refuse to report accurately anyone who speaks out against these and other sharia practices the harm caused by sharia continues unchecked. This one sided media narrative results in a hatred of educated dialogue amongst those without knowledge, who then consider the only resistance they are able to offer against sharia to be physical.

This report was written in the UK, and goes against the wishes of the General Secretary of one of the worlds largest Islamic organisations, who points out:

“There is a desperate need for honest discussion of these matters. This is why it worries me to see Western political and intellectual elites weaponise the term “Islamophobia,” to short-circuit analysis of a complex phenomenon that threatens all humanity. For example, it is factually incorrect and counter-productive to define Islamophobia as “rooted in racism,” as proposed by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims. In reality, it is the spread of Islamist extremism and terror that primarily contributes to the rise of Islamophobia throughout the non-Muslim world.”

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Countering dominant narratives of NZ’s far right  (Written by a recent visitor to NZ on a student visa).