Christchurch Imam milks more money from mosque melodrama.

Yet another attempt is being made to milk cash from the March 2015 mosque event by a leader at the Deans Avenue mosque where dozens of Islamic State radicals have met since they were recruited into the al-Qaeda styled Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association decades ago.

Not content with the fame and fortune that he’s made to date, Farid Ahmed has released a book about fluffy bunnies and fairy tales based on things he could not have seen.

The Bangladeshi refugee of 30 years has often refused to acknowledge to the NZ media that any of his teachings could possibly be in line with the koran, or lead people to become like the Prophet Mohammed in wanting to implement sharia law or create an islamic state. Yet there have been many in his own mosque that are only too willing to contradict him.

According to online posts by those who watched the livestream, Tarrant does not shoot any women returning to the Deans Ave Mosque, and the only person who is identifiable is “Mohamed Jama – the man in the white suit who is standing beside a red car to the left of the mosque gate as the gunman enters the compound. Jama claims he accosted the gunman, but that is a lie. He said nothing. There was zero interaction.

For more on the contributions that Farid Armed has made to NZ culture, and why this mosque was picked for the March 15 2019 melodrama,  check out the Compile: the long history of faithful Canterbury muslims.