West Auckland ‘Burkini’ incident about sexism – Journalist

Notice how Muslims again twist the facts, they were not banned for burkinis!
mahvash ali
Lifeguards’ decision to remove a group of Muslim women from a west Auckland swimming pool was down to sexism, a journalist says.

A group of fully-clothed Muslim women were asked to leave the water at Henderson’s West Wave Pool at the weekend.

The Project’s Mahvash Ali told The AM Show the same thing would not have happened to a man.

“The issue is not about Muslims and non-Muslims, for me the issue is about being soft targets. It’s just easier to target a woman.

“Wasn’t it just some months ago, actually in the same story I was reading, a woman was pulled out for wearing a bikini.

“When was the last time a man was pulled out for wearing speedos.”

A Burkini is a branded woman’s swimsuit that allows Muslim women to bathe while fully clothed with their head covered.

An Auckland Council representative told Newshub the women weren’t kicked out for wearing Burkinis though, but because the clothing they chose to cover up with was unsafe.

“Some of the clothes the women wore were deemed to be activewear by our lifeguards and they advised the customers according to our guidelines.

“This experience has highlighted that we need to review our swimwear policy. We are now in the process of ensuring it is clear for both staff and customers.”

West Auckland ‘Burkini’ incident about sexism – Journalist.