FIANZ’s new team looks at more engagement with communities.

Members of WAIKATO Management School, Ambassadors of UAE, Indonesia and Malaysia and FIANZ officials at the 4th Halal Tourism and Hospitality Symposium held at Tanui Novotel, Hamilton  on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The Federation of Islamic Association of New Zealand (FIANZ) recently hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Wellington and announced the new team leading the activities of apex body for the Muslim community in New Zealand.

The first major event hosted by FIANZ was the Islam Awareness Week 2018 that focussed on the concept of ‘halal’- a word that is just associated with food.

‘Halal is more than just food’ was the theme of IAW 2018 that emphasised on the usage of the word ‘halal’ in every aspect of life- be it earning a living, having a certain lifestyle, practices, food, and the importance of peace for one and everyone.

“New Zealand Muslims live in the most peaceful and transparent manner and we are striving as a community to be the champions of halal living,” newly appointed President of FIANZ, Dr Mustafa Farouk said.

The launch event of IAW 2018 also witnessed representatives from the Abrahamic faiths, Sheikh Mohammad Amir (Islam), Navina Clemerson (Judaism), and Nick Polaschek (Christianity).

FIANZ’s another big step to connect more with the Muslim and extended multicultural communities in New Zealand and the stakeholders was to start a bi-monthly newsletter to communicate on how the Federation is performing.

The newsletter ‘Community Connect’ aims to be a catalyst to build a strong bonding between the Federation, the community and stakeholders.

The last page of the four-page newsletter will also have the activities of FIANZ translated into Te Reo Maori, Arabic and Bahasa languages.

FIANZ 4th Halal Tourism and Hospitality Symposium

The 4th Halal Tourism and Hospitality Tourism will be held on Wednesday, November 21 at Hamilton’s Novotel Tainui Hotel. The participants will represent travel, tourism, hospitality businesses, governments and academics from New Zealand and overseas.

The symposium will provide an opportunity to update, discuss and plan a collaborative effort in tapping into the growing lucrative halal tourism market from the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia and elsewhere.

“FIANZ wants New Zealand to have a share of the valuable halal tourism market- expected to be worth US$ 239bn globally by 2019- and for the Muslims here to benefit from it,” a  spokesperson from FIANZ said.

“For this to happen, we will need to make it easier for our guests to comply with Islamic beliefs and practices during their stay, and to feel secure and comfortable in our country,” he said.

FIANZ is the major sponsor for this important annual event, and other sponsors are Tourism New Zealand, Waikato Muslim Association Inc., Tourism Industry Aotearoa, Hamilton and Waikato Tourism, and Waikato Management School.

FIANZ’s new team looks at more engagement with communities