NZ man charged with possessing Isis ‘terrorist’s handbook’ & child sex videos.


A 29-year-old man has been charged with possessing terrorism propaganda, including Isis beheading videos and a handbook for creating explosives.

Jordayne Evan Thomas Madams, from Dannevirke, made no plea when he appeared in the Palmerston North District Court on Thursday morning.

He faces 10 charges of possessing objectionable material, consisting of child sex abuse videos and images, and terrorism material.

According to court documents, that included a text file of The Terrorist’s Handbook, which gives instructions on how to assemble bombs and explosives.

It was also alleged Madams had videos showing Isis, a jihadist militant group predominantly operating in Syria, executing a captured soldier with a machinegun and carrying out a beheading.

Both videos had “graphic video zero censorship” in the file names.

The child sex abuse material involved photos and videos of pre-teen and teenage boys and girls in suggestive poses or taking part in sex acts, according to court documents.

Madams, who was accompanied by supporters, must enter pleas when he next appears in court in December.

People being charged with possessing child sex abuse images is not uncommon, but Madams would join a very small group if guilty of the terrorism material charges.

Imran Patel was the first person in New Zealand convicted for obtaining and distributing terrorism propaganda¬†when he was sentenced in 2016 to three years and nine months’ jail.

Police found 62 objectionable videos showing extreme violence or cruelty, as well as copies of an Isis-endorsed online magazine, when they searched Patel’s home in 2015.

He sent some of the material to some of his friends.

He infamously screamed “tell John Key to stop being a slave to America” while being sentenced and had to be dragged to the courthouse cells.

In a Court of Appeal decision from June, in which Patel’s appeal against his sentence was dismissed, Justice Helen Winkelmann described the material as “extreme” and depicting “the taking of human life in a brutal and cruel fashion”.

The material was made worse because it was connected to Isis, the judge said.

NZ man charged with possessing Isis propaganda, ‘terrorist’s handbook’
And from his fb page JordayneETM


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