A dirty little deal has been forged

Zaoui was never innocent, he made a deal., which he can easily reneg.
A dirty little deal has been forged

When the chips were down, Ahmed Zaoui sang like a bird to buy his freedom in New Zealand.

Zaoui’s decision to offer new information that could be prejudicial to him – presumably about the so-called freedom-fighting networks he belonged to – is a major factor behind why New Zealand’s spooks have lifted the security risk certificate against him.

The Algerian has, in effect, been publicly turned into an intelligence asset on tap for the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) and its offshore counterparts like the CIA through an obligation to seek permission from the SIS before he meets with any contacts from a list of associates whose names were blacked out in the public version of the deal Zaoui swore on the Koran with SIS director Warren Tucker.

If any of his associates get in touch with Zaoui, he has to tell the SIS the exact nature of such contacts, whether they are social or political and whether they might prompt any security concerns. He also has to fess up if other intelligence agencies seek to make contact with him over his knowledge of international terrorist networks.

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