Net giants angered anti-terror hui

Net giants angered anti-terror hui attendees over their slow responses to action Islamic take-down requests. Yet Jacinda Ardern refuses to address what the NZ media have revealed was the root cause for the Christchurch shooting that killed 51 people in March 2019, nor have they scrubbed Islamic sites of the propaganda that triggered Tarrant to… Continue reading Net giants angered anti-terror hui

Antifa launches Paparoa website

Antifa launches Paparoa website: Members of the global Antifa movement, along with support from New Zealand’s Social Justice Warriors, (members of FIANZ, Aotearoa Maori Muslim Association, the NZ Government, trade unions and media) have launched the Paparoa website to promote Islam in New Zealand by specifically attacking those they perceive as opposition to the Islamic… Continue reading Antifa launches Paparoa website