‘Jihad’ threat to mosque security

This mosque was the HQ for FIANZ backed Te Amorangi Kireka-Whaanga who at the time had the mosque listed as his employment on facebook. This was essentially a fight between the Fijian former owners and Middle Eastern Islamics who were to buy the property and stop sending  money to the Pacific. Islamic centre closed down as tensions… Continue reading ‘Jihad’ threat to mosque security

Sheikh Abu Abdullah banned in ‘extreme Islam’ row

“A Muslim imam accused of teaching “extreme Islam” has been barred for a second time from his Auckland mosque sparking a row between worshippers. Security guards were called at the end of 12.30pm prayers at the Avondale Islamic Centre yesterday to remove supporters of Sheikh Abu Abdullah, a Salafist imam, from the prayer room where… Continue reading Sheikh Abu Abdullah banned in ‘extreme Islam’ row