ultimate white supremacist movement is Islam!

Quran 100 year anniversary, call to correct scribal errors in the Quran

Islam is the ultimate white supremacist movement! From the Sunnah:

From the Quran: (who goes where on the day of judgement)

Black slaves are only half value of white slaves! Here Muhammad trades a single white slave for two black slaves.

Black slavery is still rampant in Africa today. “An estimated 529,000 to 869,000 black men, women and children are still slaves. They are bought, owned, sold, and traded by Arab and Muslim masters in five African countries. This statistic estimates those enslaved in Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, and Sudan. It excludes Nigeria, for which there are no tangible estimates.

Western human rights organizations and the mainstream media are practically and painfully silent on this matter. It does not fit with their focus on Western white sin. Here is a brief survey of this quasi-taboo topic.”

While Islam is the ultimate white supremacist movement,  education is the key to ending this racist cult!

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