Auckland Jihadi march against Israel

Auckland Jihadi march against Israel, or Auckland Muslims verbalise their ‘struggle” against the kaffir. Jihad; the struggle in word thought and action. As long as you jihad, you are in with a chance for Islamic paradise. Jihad; in protest, prayer or Palestinian suicide bomber, it all counts, however the Quran only guarantees paradise to the… Continue reading Auckland Jihadi march against Israel

Antifa launches Paparoa website

New Zealand’s far left needed an excuse to recruit, so Antifa launches Paparoa website, an online hate group similar to Kia Ora Gaza, where NZ PM Jacinda Ardern claimed membership. New Zealand’s far left activist group, including members of the global Antifa movement, along with support from local social justice warriors, have launched the Paparoa… Continue reading Antifa launches Paparoa website

Ahmed Bhamji blames Mossad

At another trade union organised protest supporting Islam, Mt Roskill mosque chairman Ahmed Bhamji blames Mossad for the Christchurch shooting. Bhamji had less than a week earlier had Jacinda Ardern tell his mosque that ‘they are us’. Joe Carolan, co-organiser of this event, is a well known anti-Israel protest organiser, who marshals trade union resources… Continue reading Ahmed Bhamji blames Mossad