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Women are chopping the hair of non-hijabis in Egypt and it’s truly appalling.

As if sexual harassment from men wasn’t bad enough, women in Egypt also face religion-based harassment from other women. In a form of assault that screams self-righteousness and internalized misogyny, women have cut the hair of other women and verbally harassed them in Egypt … all because the victims do not wear the hijab. There have… Continue reading Women are chopping the hair of non-hijabis in Egypt and it’s truly appalling.

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Ex-slaughterman’s action threatens meat industry

A Muslim slaughterman’s attempts to discredit the New Zealand meat industry have drawn the attention of the country’s spy service. Meat Industry Association members said they were contacted by the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) this week after Ahmed Ghanem, an Egyptian-born halal slaughterman now living in Christchurch, published articles on a British website decrying New… Continue reading Ex-slaughterman’s action threatens meat industry

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Radical mufti finds backing here.

Sheik Alhilali was at the time, the “Mufti of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific” A Sydney mufti who compared unveiled women to “uncovered meat” has gained followers in New Zealand, despite an attempt by the country’s official Muslim body to disown him. A former president of the Federation of Islamic Associations of New… Continue reading Radical mufti finds backing here.