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New Zealander joins fight in Syria.

New Zealander joins fight in Syria. Kiwi jihadist burns his NZ passport, vows to fight to achieve ‘martyrdom’ A Kiwi with links to al-Qaeda has taken up arms in Syria and says he will fight until he becomes a martyr. Mark John Taylor has burnt his New Zealand passport and says he has already been… Continue reading New Zealander joins fight in Syria.

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Concern over Kiwi jihadists.

KNOWN: Mark Taylor Taylor, who has been fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria. Would-be jihadists are being monitored by the nation’s spooks over plans to carry out Islamic State-style terror attacks on New Zealand soil. Security Intelligence Service boss Rebecca Kitteridge has spoken publicly about the threat amid rising global fears of lone wolf  attacks… Continue reading Concern over Kiwi jihadists.

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First Kiwi casualty in Syrian war

A New Zealander has been killed while fighting in Syria – the first Kiwi casualty in the civil war. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) said it is aware of “unconfirmed reports” a New Zealander has died fighting in the Middle East country. It did not say when the death happened but confirmed… Continue reading First Kiwi casualty in Syrian war

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Drone victims ‘radicalised’ at mosque

Drone victims ‘radicalised’ at mosque The parents of a man killed by a drone in Yemen say he was “radicalised” in Christchurch. But preachers at the city mosque say they are moderates. Christchurch’s Muslim leaders say they are shocked and “disturbed” by claims two men killed in a drone strike in Yemen were introduced to… Continue reading Drone victims ‘radicalised’ at mosque