Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims

Once again Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims! This time by silencing those who stand with those who have been hurt by this government. New Zealand Muslims have been as adversely affected by this government’s mismanaged lock-downs as much as any other Kiwi, possibly more-so. Some have lost their jobs or their businesses, missed weddings and funerals,… Continue reading Antifa denigrate Wellington Muslims

Antifa launches Paparoa website

New Zealand’s far left needed an excuse to recruit, so Antifa launches Paparoa website, an online hate group similar to Kia Ora Gaza, where NZ PM Jacinda Ardern claimed membership. New Zealand’s far left activist group, including members of the global Antifa movement, along with support from local social justice warriors, have launched the Paparoa… Continue reading Antifa launches Paparoa website